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Penzilla is the FinTech SaaS that closes the pension gap for millions of European employees and has developped a SaaS operating system for corporate provisions.… Read More »Penzilla


repath is a climate tech startup from Hamburg, Germany. repath aims at making climate data usable for companies so that they can position themselves more… Read More »repath


Kranus Health is solving men’s health issues that no one talks about. Kranus Health is a global provider for Men‘s Health Digital Therapeutics and has… Read More »Kranus


anybill is a German FinTech company providing technology and infrastructure to create smart added value for the connected POS of the future incl. digital receipts… Read More »anybill



mybacs is a DTC (direct-to-consumer), research-driven, biotechnology company specialized in the human microbiome. Their goal is to revolutionize the market around intestinal healthcare and thus… Read More »mybacs



mailo Versicherungs AG is the leading insurance company offering a broad range of P&C insurances targeting SME clients in Germany. The company is based in… Read More »mailo



VAVENTUS is offering individual succession plans for family owned businesses in Germany active in the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation space.


Circula sets the new standard for travel costs, expenses, allowances, and additional food costs. Circula has developed an intuitive software for employees, accountants, and supervisors… Read More »Circula stands for sophisticated, fair and digital insurance products and relieve insurance seekers from uncertainty by taking away the complexity of comparisons – peace of… Read More »