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Exit stands for sophisticated, fair and digital insurance products and relieve insurance seekers from uncertainty by taking away the complexity of comparisons – peace of… Read More »

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Teqcycle is the market leader in Germany for ensuring proper refurbishment and trading of used mobile phones. Teqcycle is based in Munich, Germany.

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Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa is developing proprietary hardware and software to measure, collect and process data around air pollution and turning them into real insights for greener… Read More »Hawa Dawa

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Dracoon offers a highly secure and GDPR compliant platform for all file service needs based on a SaaS business model. Dracoon is based in Regensburg,… Read More »Dracoon

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Banovo is a modern and fully digitalized crafts company and the leading bathroom renovation provider in Germany, based in Munich, Germany.